By Sajid Bajeer
Villagers are staging a protest against the landlord. Photo by author

Dozens of villagers from Bapuhar, a village of Islamkot, in Tharparkar staged a protest against an influential landlord belonging to a political party, who is allegedly depriving them of access to clean water.

Two years back Sindh government had approved funds for a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant in Village of Bapuhar, having a population of 1000.
“Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) member national assembly Faqir Sher Mohammad had got the plant installed at the center of the village so that everyone could have easy access to the plant,” protesting locals told Pak Voices.
 “The landlord Mataro Hangorjo, allegedly considered a right-hand man of the member national assembly Muhammad, wants to install the plant at a place of his own choice”, they said.

The villagers accused the landlord of selling water to contractors through the town committee water scheme and now he wants to get hold of this plant also.

This is the plant for making water clean. Photo by author


When Pak Voices contacted the landlord to get his point of view he responded saying, “Mohammad (member national assembly) has given me the plant scheme and my men are working on the plant.”
“ If the plant location is changed as per my wish I have no objection to villagers using the water from the scheme”, Hangorjo said.
Local villagers have demanded from the Sindh government to take action against the influential landlord and expedite the work on the plant so that villagers could get access to clean water.
About Author: Sajid Bajeer is a citizen journalist based in Mithi, Tharparkar and working with PakVoices.
Translated by Aneela Riazuddin