By Rafique Chakar 

When Hafeez Gohar started his career, there was no academy for formal training in fine arts in his hometown Punjgur, in Balochistan and he had to go to the provincial capital for getting admission to the Balochistan University.

Hafeez, a famous Balochi artist, has formally launched his own art institution ‘Gohar Art Academy’ in Punjgur on the eve of independence to teach and share his experiences with young artists.

He has portrayed the lifestyle of the Balochs in a simple yet striking manner on the canvas. His paintings have also been exhibited in other places including at the Karachi Arts Council where he earned fame for his classic presentation of Baloch culture through colors.

He has also shown the tribal, traditional and simple life of Balochs which also bears a close resemblance to the Arabian culture due to proximity to the Arabian Sea.

Perhaps one of the best illustrations representing the life of a woman in a tribal setting. Hardships, daily responsibilities, relations, thirst for education and transient life are shown in this painting.


At the recently launched Gohar Art Academy, the work of the artist is also showcased.


A famous Balochi folk tale of Shaymureed Hani is captured in this image.


The warrior tradition of the Baloch dates back to prehistoric Balochistan. The skeletal piece of art represents the conventional warrior engaged in perpetual war.


Village life in Makran: Palm trees, well-trodden yet difficult to walk paths, traditional agriculture and architecture all is captured in this image.


This picture was painted on a sheet made of date tree leaves. Hafeez Gohr has used traditional handy craft to illustrate the age old traditions and culture.


The wandering clan: A large number of Baloch community comprises of ever wandering tribes. With the change of the season they must migrate to a place that offers greener pastures and water. Empathy for the Baloch wanderer lies at the heart of Hafeez Gohr’s work.


Balochi women’s lifestyle is a persistent theme of Hafeez’s paintings. He has represented them like no one else.


The simplicity, serenity and purity of village life in Baluchistan.


Rafique Chakar is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Punjgur, Balochistan.