By Dherminder Balach 

The Hindu community in Rahim Yar Khan, Cholistan was not allowed to celebrate Holi in the open ground on the Palace Road by the local government citing security reason. Despite being confined to their homes and streets, they celebrated Holi in style as these photos show their excitement and traditional fervour on the occasion of colours:


Everyone wants to look colourful on the occasion of Holi just like in this photo.


People are dancing on the beat of the drum as dancing and colouring go side by side on Holi.


A young boy calling for worship using an old traditional instrument.


People gather on the call and perform rituals before celebrating Holi in full swing.


A little girl is painting the face of her uncle with bright colours.


Traditional dishes such as Cholistani Chorma (sweets), sweet coloured rice, Moti Chor Ladoo (sweets) etc are served on the occasion of Holi.


People from Muslim community in Rahim Yar Khan also join Holi to show their solidarity with Hindu brothers. In this photo, Mumtaz Baig from Rotary Club Rohi celebrating Holi with Hindu community.


This boy is just gearing up to celebrate and play with colours.


These young girls are excited to see everyone playing with colours.


Most people from the Hindu community remained confined to their streets to celebrate Holi after they were not given the permission to hold a big gathering in the open ground on Palace road.


In Tharparkar too, the Hindu community is having a blast with colours as the following photos will show you:

It’s a lot of fun for the young people who do not miss any opportunity to throw colour on their friend.


Coloured powder is commonly used for the colour fight on Holi.


Reham Khan also happened to be in Mithi, Tharparkar for attending an event of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company, where she showed solidarity with the Hindu community by colouring her face.


Friends have bright colours on their hands capturing the spirit of Holi.


Some colours can be harmful if thrown directly into the eyes. This man was ‘attacked’ by his friends unguarded.


In Gwadar, there is a small community of Hindus who celebrated Holi in the Ram Mundir, Gwadar.


Hindu community is celebrating Holi in its traditional fervour in Gwadar: Photo by Arthi Dev


Dherminder Balach sent us the photos from Cholistan whereas Nizam Samoon and Satish Malani contributed to this report with photos from Tharparkar.