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Historic Mau Mubarak Fort on the verge of collapse


By Waleed Khan 

The fort of Mau Mubarak is located almost 10 kilometers to the north of Rahim Yar Khan city. It’s one of the six upraised forts built in about 498- 632 AD by Raey Sahrus.

The fort had the minarets up to 50 feet tall which still have some remains at the fort. Just like the Fort of Uch, this was also constructed and filled with soil.

There is no authentic detailed information available about the history of the fort. Its current condition calls the attention of the concerned authorities to preserve its crumbling structure which is disappearing bit by bit. Here are some of the glimpses of the fort:










Waleed Khan is working with Pak Voices as a citizen journalist from Rahim Yar Khan city. 

All photos by the author



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