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Gwadar’s Haq do tehreek continues

Tens of thousands of protesters, including women and children, blocked an expressway leading to Gwadar port November 21 after what they said was the government’s failure to meet a Nov 20 deadline to implement their demands.

While Balochistan governmental officials along with an adviser to Chief Minister Balochistan arrived in Gwadar to reach a settlement with protestors to end the two month long protest going on for their basic rights.

Locals of Gwadar are protesting on the issues including, illegal trawling in Gwadar’s water, high number of security checkpoints and trade on Pak-Iran border.

Illegal trawling has deprived local fishermen of their livelihood. Majority of the population of Gwadar relies on fishing and businesses related to fishing. These issues are alarming for their livelihood.

“Police, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency and Coast Guards, will carry out joint patrolling to curb illegal trawling,” DC Baloch said.

Deputy Commissioner claimed smooth trade was going on at Kuntani border and the Iranian authorities have been requested to open more border crossings.

“All unnecessary checkpoints have been removed but the HDT is demanding to abolish army camps which is impossible under the current security environment,” the deputy commissioner added.