By Balach Qadir

The stadium is locked even after its inauguration seven months ago.

Like the various districts of Balochistan Province, Sports and Youth Affairs Department Gwadar also constructed a football ground here. This ground was built at a cost of Rs. 18 million and was inaugurated on 27 February 2017 by Saifullah Chattah, Chief Secretary of the time.

The ground adjacent to the Governor House was constructed under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner Gawadar, Tufail Baloch. Despite the passing of eight months, local footballers are not allowed to play here.

In this regard, Gwadar’s renowned footballer, Abdul Ghani Baloch said, “Gwadar’s footballers are suffering from severe difficulties due to lack of grounds, but still we are not allowed to play here.”

The football ground is located on the sandy beach, due to which the damaged grass has already been changed once, but the ground is in the same condition again.

The stadium

Another local footballer of Gawadar, who did not want to reveal his identity, told PakVoices, “It was better if the government had spent money on upgrading Gawadar’s existing grounds rather than building a new one.”

The get-up rooms for the footballers have been illegally taken over for commercial purposes, but the authorities still are not able to take action.

While spending so much money on the ground which has not still opened for local footballers, PakVoices talked to Maqsood Baloch, a local official, who said, “We do not have any role in the inauguration because it was organized by the District Administration and Sports Youth Affairs Department, but after the completion B & R was asked for the payment.”

Since there is no department of sports in Gawadar, therefore, PakVoices talked to the local government officials, who regarded them as indifferent and said that they were not involved in it.

“Ground is not complete yet, some work is left,” said Jamil Ahmed Rind, Assistant Commissioner Gawadar,” adding, “It will be opened immediately after completion.”

Gawadar’s sportsmen play games on the beach, looking at the beautiful football ground with an appetite yet to be filled.

Balach Qadir is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Gwadar. 

All photos by the writer