By Barkat Ullah Baloch 

Two-day Gwadar expo concluded on Tuesday in the port town jointly organized by the Gwadar Development Authority and China Overseas Holding Company. The expo will create linkages between the local and foreign investors and businessmen.

Chairman Gwadar port and the host of Gwadar Expo Dostain Jamaldini while talking to Pak Voices said that there were total 126 stalls at the expo, “The main idea behind this expo is to bring investment which is the only key to development.”

He further added, “Gwadar expo has been a great experience and now we will make it a regular feature every year, inviting other local and international brands to become part of Gwadar expo.” and we will facilitate them for any activity, he added.

In Gwadar Expo, 2018, local and international brands have been put on display, attracting the attention of the visitors. The stalls were set up by the Chinese as well as Pakistani brands at the event including the Makran’s special sea-food and Balochi handicrafts stalls.

A local visitor Rehmat Ullah Baloch told Pak Voices that Gwadar expo is a great initiative and this event will help to draw the attention of other people of Pakistan and provide the opportunity for the locals to showcase their talent, culture and business skills.”

During the expo, the security had been beefed up in Gwadar by deploying additional police personnel.