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These activities not merely boost up the confidence level but trained pupils as how to appear in aptitude tests at larger level, Thar has lot of talent but needs opportunities and undeniably Thar education Alliance has always played main role to uplift the rosy fellows, said by Dr. Manoj Kumar Malani while speaking as a chief guest in closing ceremony of first ever Tharparkar Vocabulary Competition held at Government High School Mithi ground. Mr. Malani added as , whatever he could for the development of education he would do that , he appreciated position holders and all those who participated in the event.

Partab Shivani, event organizer and Chief Executive Officer Thar Education Alliance (TEA) said its team efforts that made it possible to gather all public and private schools of Tharparkar. He said indeed it is unique activity which has provided a platform to the students to think out of box, he added as vocabulary building supports to understand subjects properly as English language has important role in career. . He thanked all the partners, students and schools for participating in the event.

Mr. Pardeep Kumar Ojha Chaimran town committee chelhar said, its first to see compettion at huge level in which students from other areas of Tharparkar including Diplo, Kaloi, Nagarparkar, Dahli, Chachro, Kantio and Mithi have come under one roof. Mr. Padeep added its need of hour to organize such activities across Tharparkar as students can come forward and compete with metropolitan cities.

Mr. Anwar Sahir Head Master High School Mithi said my joy knew no bound as l listened about this activity and really felt glad to as all positions swept by government schools and even second position by government high school Moodur which is in village and without having basic facilities. Mr. Kailash Lodha Head Master, Government High School Mithi appreciated the efforts of the team and congratulated all the winners, he hoped such continuity would be continued to explore hidden talent of Tharparkar.

In event, 60 Students of 30 public and private schools from different areas of Tharparkar participated in District level event. Program lasted for more than 5 hours in which students shown great stock of vocabulary, the top three positions were taken by Government Schools.

Every school was given total of 30 seconds to tell a word with meaning the one that failed to tell in the given time was eliminated from the competition. Dayanand and Sardar Singh of Government (P) High School Mithi got 1st position, Nazeer Ahmed and Chander Kumar of Government High School Modoor got 2nd position whereas Ms. Ishita Bachani and JaiMala of Government Girls High School North colony Mithi got 3rd position where as Mr. Naresh Shivani , Mr. Ali Murad Dars, Mr. Sarangram Mathrani and Mr. Sahir Hemnani moderated the event.

The event was organized by Thar Education Alliance in collaboration with Education Department Tharparkar , Chairman Municipal committee Mithi, Dr. Manoj Malani and Chairman town committee Chelhar, Pardeep ojha, , it was one of the unique and first ever event of this type in the history of Tharparkar. Certificates, shields and Cash prizes were given to the position holder students and schools