A video was circulated on social media claiming “Modi-Modi” chanted in Pakistan National Assembly as Indian prime minister Narendra Singh Modi is most demanding for Balochistan leaders.

Debunked Source:

Fact Check:

Inorder to check the claim we analyzed keyframes and performed a reverse image search on various search engines.

Through the utilization of reverse imaging techniques it was determined that the shared video dates back to October, 2020 . Chants of ‘voting-voting’ inside Pakistan parliament were misreported as ‘Modi-Modi’ chants. No such pro-Modi sloganeering happened inside Pakistan national assembly.



False Context/Misleading


Our research confirmed that an old video with altered and erroneous context was reshared to propagate false & defamatory claims.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

ActorIndian Social Media Users/BJP Supporters
BehaviorChants of ‘voting-voting’ inside Pakistan parliament were misreported as ‘Modi-Modi’ chants
DegreeThe targeted audience of the post was general public/ Balochi’s. The disinformation was spread on Twitter and Facebook mainly.
EffectThe video was shared with a false bias to engage people in believing influence of Indian Prime Minster in Pakistan specially that of Balochistan Liberation Armies.