Set of videos and pictures were circulated on social media claiming Taliban Militants entering Parachinar, Pakistan showing visuals of heavy artillery attack on Parachinar.

Following firing over a land dispute between Bohshera and Dandar tribes on 8 July 2023 in the surrounding areas of Parachinar, at least five people were killed and over 30 others were injured, according to a media report.

Debunked Source:

Fact Check:

Inorder to verify the claim we analyzed keyframes and performed a reverse image search on various search engines.

Through the utilization of reverse imaging techniques it was determined that the shared

video shared in reference to Parachinar is originally of Syrian opposition forces and dates back to March, 2017.

The images in second tweet were also found to be old and dates back to August, 2021.



False Context/Misleading


Our research confirmed that old images/video were shared linking them .

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

Actor24 News HD
Behavior24 News claiming PTI’s Key leader Hammad Azhar joined Pakistan Peoples Party
ContentNews Headline
DegreeThe targeted audience of the post was general public/ PTI supporters. The disinformation was spread on Twitter and Facebook mainly.
EffectThe headline was shared to gain fake engagements & click baiting to increase site traffic.