A set of picture is circulated on social media claiming “Atrocities by Israel Armed forces against Palestinians”.

A desert music festival near Gaza turned into a horror when Hamas militants stormed southern Israel on October 7, according to a media report 260 peoples were killed in the attack.

Debunked Source:

Fact Check:

Inorder to verify the claim we performed a reverse image search on various search engines.

Through the utilization of reverse imaging techniques it was determined that the image on the left is from 2013, US-Iraq War.

While we were unable to find the source of second image but on closer inspection it was determined that the image is manipulated using AI as it lacks details.





Our research confirmed that unrelated and old images were re-shared linking it with current conflict of Israel-Ghaza.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

ActorSocial Media Users / Pro-Palestenian Accounts
BehaviorOld & Ai manipulated images linked with current conflict
DegreeThe targeted audience of the post was general public. The disinformation was spread on Twitter and Facebook mainly.
EffectClaims showing Israel Armed forces atrocities against Palestine citizens.