By Amjid Ali

Public transporters running their services to pick and drop passengers to the Turbat bus terminal from the town have started to charge exorbitant 7 to 8 hundred rupees, which is more than the fares of Turbat to Karachi. The fares of Turbat to Karachi is five hundred rupees while the fares of Turbat city to a terminal is exceeding this.

The bus terminal, which was shifted five kilometers far from the city, was aimed to facilitate people and lessen the rush of traffic in the city. However, people of district Turbat due to this new move are burdened with extra fare for reaching to the terminal. The poor passengers of Turbat district who travel to Karachi for medical treatment or any other work have to bear more expenses.

Furthermore, no check and balance can be seen in this regard from the authority concerned in Turbat which is the second largest district of Balochistan after Quetta whereas no effective policy such as fares and price control of other items of daily use can be seen.

Miskhan Kudadad a resident of Absor area of Turbat talking to Pak Voices narrated his story that how a Suzuki van charged him eight hundred rupees for the short journey of Abdor to a terminal which is just six kilometers away. Absor is the adjacent town of Turbat city.

Talking to Pak Voices, Shahid Umid a resident of Shahrak Kech who had been disturbed by exorbitant fares said, “the government should take notice of this increase of fares and restrict the public transporters from charging passengers extra money.

“Public transport drivers who are running their service to pick and drop passengers are plundering the money of people with both hands,”  he said. Locals of Turbat particularly passengers have requested authority concerned to take a concrete measure to solve this issue of excessive fares.

When Pak Voices contacted the Mayor of Turbat, Qazi Ghulam Rasool regarding this issue of excessive increase of fares, he assured, “the authority concerned will play its role of controlling the fares and provide a relief for poor passengers.”

Amjad Ali is working with Pak Voices as a citizen journalist from Turbat city.