The police team involved in the raid
The police team involved in the raid

Originally published in Urdu on PakVoices Gwadar website

On July 14, 2015, Gwadar police launched a raid in Nayabad area of Faqir Colony, Gwadar. During the raid, a drug dealer was arrested together with a heavy cargo of illegal drugs. Nayabad has long been considered a notorious den of drug traffickers and in the past, a number of drug dealers and smugglers have been arrested from the area, including foreign smugglers from African countries.

In the past, raids in Nayabad have also resulted in the arrest of kidnappers and gangsters. After this latest raid, SHO (Station House Officer) Gwadar police, Imam Bakhsh has expressed hope that more individuals involved in drug trade will be arrested in the coming days.

According to local notables, the Nayabad area is considered a den of smugglers and drug traffickers and has been so for many years. Despite frequent raids and arrests by the policy, the illicit businesses continue to operate in the area. They allege that this is typically caused by rogue elements in the police. Typically, when an arrest is made, criminal elements in Nayabad cease operations for a while but then a week or so elapses and they resume the usual work.

Gwadar’s people have long been demanding more professional and honest police personnel so that the scourge of narcotics trafficking could be stemmed once and for all. Their concerns also arise from the fact that the trade often lures the local youth to drug use, ruining their lives.

The present SHO of Gwadar police, Imam Bakhsh, has been praised by the local population on account of his raids in the Nayabad area. He has also been effective in banning the public sale of semi-addictive substances such as Jam Ghutka but demand that this ban go on indefinitely.