By Nazar Abbas

The area of the lake is reducing due to encroachment upon water.

You would have heard a lot of stories about land grabbing but have you ever heard about the encroachment on a lake? PakVoices has a story where a lake is being taken over speedily.

Dhund Gagri lake is situated near the historic village of Garhi Ikhtiar Khan 15 km from Tehsil Khanpur of Rahim Yar Khan. In Saraiki , Dhund means ‘ a place where water remains gathered for a long time’. And the lake is situated beside Gagri Village, therefore it is named Dhund Gagri.

According to locals, “Some influential people are taking over the lake after filling some parts with soil.”

Tourists flock the lake which has a great potential for tourism.

One such person talked to PakVoices on the condition of remaining anonymous, “Influential people of the area are trying to capture over the lake,” adding ,” If the practice of filling the lake with soil or draining water from sides continue , soon there will be no sign of lake.”

According to locals there was a time when the area of the lake spread over miles.

Dhund Gagri lake has another historic importance that Nawab of Bahawalpur used to stay here for fishing, hunting and recreational purposes. Kings and rulers of other states also used to come and visit the lake. However , with the passage of time this lake is getting smaller.

Tourist’s from nearby areas usually come to visit Dhund Gagri lake. Afzal Khan Rind , a tourist , told PakVoices,” If government pays attention to this lake it will become very popular picnic and recreational spot.”

Nazar Abbas is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Rahim Yar Khan, South Punjab

Translated by Suleman Tahir