By Rafiq Chakar

                      Construction work underway on the road

On the report of PakVoices about the bumpy link road between Panjgur and Tehsil Parom, the restoration work has been started. The elected representative of the area Mir Rehmat Saleh Baloch has given 29 crore out from his personal funds for the construction of this road.

The people of the area were facing a lot of inconvenience because of the bad condition of the road. It took almost five hours for the people to reach Panjgur. People with health issues faced a lot of problems while travelling through the road.

After the story was published on PakVoices about the road, a notice was taken for the construction of the road and now the work is near to complete.

The resident of the area and the chairman Obaidullah Baloch while talking to PakVoices said “Parom is an agriculture area, however, due to lack of presence of good road the farmers cannot send the seeds in the market and it is very difficult to commute.”

However, since the road is getting better and is near to completion, traveling will become easier. The commuters can reach Panjgur in only one hour as compared to five hours previously. The farmers of the area can send their seeds not only to Panjgur but to many big cities of the country.

A resident of Panjgur, Haji Rasool Jaan talking to PakVoices said “There is a visible difference in the area with the construction work of this road. As this was a boundary area, the traffic jam was a routine matter on this road.”