By Rafique Chakar  

The project was abandoned after half of the work had been done.

Rakhshan Stream, a boundary between two constituencies and various cities, flows through the heart of District Panjgur in the province of Balochistan. It meanders through all the 24 Union Councils of the district and is an important geo-feature of the area.

The stream also plays an important role in outlining the borderline between two provincial constituencies i.e. PB 42 and PB 43. PB42 lies on one side of the river while PB 43 covers the other side.

Now the estimated cost of the project has soared up, tells the project contractor.

Rakhshan Bridge is the only way to commute across the stream. People have to cross the only bridge to touch Chatkan Bazar. The bridge was constructed in 2012, but only five years on, it has come close to collapse.

Moreover, it was not enough for the people living on both sides of the stream as it was not convenient for the residents of many towns and cities because of its long route.

The provincial government approved a plan to build a new bridge and the construction started immediately. However, the work on the bridge came to a halt when it was half done.

The site of the project has still the construction material left there.

Nadir Hussain, a native of Khudabadan, talked to Pak Voices, saying, “When it rains, the public faces a lot of problems. They have to take far longer, alternate routes to reach Chatkan.”

He added, “If the work on the bridge is completed, it would be easy for residents of many nearby towns and cities to get to Chatkan,” the main marketplace in the area.

Fazal Kareem a resident of Tasap told Pak Voices that the construction work on the bridge was abandoned owing to the worse law and order situation four years ago.

“Since then, no one has tried to restore the construction work to complete the bridge, causing us a lot of inconveniences.”

The work on the project was halted due to law and order problem, according to the local people.

A completed bridge would definitely help people save time and trouble, to reach Chatkan Bazar.

Majid Baloch, the construction contractor of the bridge talked with Pak Voices, regarding the unfinished construction of the bridge saying, “The project was in the final stages of completion but the construction was halted because the law and order situation did not permit to continue work.”

He asserted, “Now the project cannot be completed on the cost finalized in 2013, as the estimated material costs and labor wages have skyrocketed.”

Rafique Chakar is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Punjgur.

Edited by Hasan Khan

Translated by Tariq Mehmood