Mithi: Senior journalist Sajid Bajeer was attacked by the Civil Surgeon and his team at Mithi Civil Hospital on March 3, 2020. Sajid Bajeer, reporter of Roznama Express and his colleague were attacked for doing coverage on the lack of medicines present in the hospital that had recently caused the death of Monika Maighwar, a one month old child.

According to various reports, Mithi Civil Hospital lacks major facilities including medicines. Many reports claim that the death of Monika Maighwar was caused due to the negligence of doctors. According to Taro Meghwar, father of the deceased child, there is lack of medicines and no ambulance is being provided to him to take the dead body to the village despite paying a hefty sum of money to the authorities.

The team from Roznama Express was called for media coverage of the unfortunate situation. Civil Surgeon Gul Muneer Wastaro in the presence of paramedic staff and doctors tried to attack Sajid Bajeer and his colleague Sahil Balani. According to Gul Muneer, no media coverage is allowed within the premises of the hospital without his permission and the media personnel can be taken to court for this. Hearing this, the journalists called their fellow staff to the hospital where they staged a protest outside the hospital against the Civil Surgeon. The protest was also joined by the relatives of Monika Maighwar and many patients as well who demanded the removal of Dr. Gul Muneer.

The deputy commissioner of Tharparkar Dr.Shahzad Taheem took notice of the incident and direct the additional deputy commissioner Mukhtiyar Abro and DHO Tharparkar Dr Irshad Memon to visit the hospital. Upon their visit, the surgeon and his staff accepted their mistake and apologized as well after which the protest was called off. Mukhtiyar Abro appreciated the role of media and journalists working in Thar and therefore no ban or restriction should be put on their work.

The DHO Tharparkar and civil surgeon were directed to take off the banners that have written about the restriction on media personnel by PEMRA. The authorities also said that they will hold an inquiry against the civil surgeon as well on account of the complaints received from the patients.