By PakVoices’ Citizen Journalist

Dalbandin, Balochistan

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Internet services have been suspended in Dalbandin, a city of Balochistan province, Pakistan for the last 6 months and yet there is no sign of restoration. The unannounced suspension has angered the citizens who have been adversely affected due to prolonged network disconnectivity.

In February this year, mobile data services and other internet services were suspended in the city for unknown reasons.

As the citizens have not been informed of the reason behind the shutdown nor any shutdown schedule announced, speculations have started to make the rounds aggravating the situation. The internet shutdown has caused the worst effect on the daily routine and activities of the citizens of Dalbandin city.

This is not the first time that internet services have been suspended in the selective geographical region. Bytes for All, Pakistan, a pioneering digital rights organization, has conducted a research on “network dis-connectivity in Pakistan and how it effects on citizens’ everyday lives”.

The research underscores, “Such suspension or disconnection of services has made adverse impacts on freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and a range of other economic and social rights.”

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Due to the suspension of mobile data services and other portable wifi devices in Dalbandin, the complete load has been shifted on DSL internet which has also tripped and slowed down in speed because of overloading.

Internet services are working normally in the vicinity of Dalbandin city as well as on Pakistan-Iran and Pak-Afghan border areas but suspension in Dalbandin city only has raised several questions in citizens’ minds that no one is ready to answer.

The citizens of Dalbandin have demanded from the Interior Minister, Core Commander & Inspector General Frontier Corps, telecom operators and all security agencies to review the decision of shutting down internet services in Dalbandin city and immediately restore the services.

The report has been filed by the citizen journalist of Pak Voices based in Dalbandin, Balochistan. 

Photo Credit: Getty Image