By Dharminder Balach & Imran Das

Cholistani women color each other during Holi celebrations.

Holi, a festival of colors, was also celebrated today in the Cholistan including Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalpur region. The Hindu community celebrates the festival of Holi to welcome spring in March. The revelers throw color paint, powder, water on people.

Here are the glimpses of the celebrations captured by Pak Voices’ citizen journalists:

Cholistani people of Bahwalpur region are celebrating Holi.


Revelers shower colored water on people celebrating in the streets.


Young men in a festive mood during Holi celebration in Rahim Yar Khan.


A Cholistani woman is decorating her door which is considered a sign of good omen.


It’s called Rangoli when women draw patterns in the courtyard of her house.




Mostly, women do the creative work of Rangoli at homes while men perform other rituals outside the home.



Dharmindar Balach and Imran Das are working with Pak Voices as citizen journalists from the Cholistan desert. Samreen Afzal contributed to this report from Bahawalpur.  

All photos by the authors