By Rafique Chakar 

The road linking Tehsil Prom to its district headquarter Panjgur has become too bumpy to travel. Prom, a lush sub-district, lies only at a distance of hundred kilometers from Panjgur bordering Iran. According to the local people, it takes over four hours for the people of Prom to reach Panjgur whereas it shouldn’t take more than an hour and a quarter.

It may be noted that Prom is one of the most fertile areas of Balochistan. It produces fine quality dates, melons, watermelons, wheat and many other types of grains.

This scribe traveled to Prom and found the connecting road in ruins. People complained about the road being almost unusable and expressed the distress caused due to an absence of paved travel route.

Haji Daad Shah Baloch told Pak Voices that prom, a very productive tehsil is almost cut off from Panjgur, as people can’t reach the city easily. The land is rich and the people hardworking. “You don’t see any road when you travel. It is all sand, stones and bumps, and at the moment it is even worse than a village track.”

He complained that fruits and vegetables produced lose all their freshness before reaching the market. He further expressed that it was a hard job to take patients to the DHQ in Panjgur. “Often the sick die while on their way to a hospital.”

Bashir Ahmed Baloch, a social worker from Prom informed Pak Voices that traveling to and from Prom is very difficult and painful. These days senior citizens and patients can’t travel on the rough track.

That’s the nearest accessible city where the community can go shopping, selling their products or get the patients treated. “For us, it has become impossible to travel to Panjgur and connect with the rest of the world.”

Regarding the road condition, Pak Voices contacted Abdul Malik Baloch, EX-EN Department of Building and Roads who acknowledged that the current condition of Panjgur Prom was worse and hard to travel on. However, he gave us the good news, “We have reserved funds for the construction of this road and the construction work will start in near future”.

Rafique Chakar is working with Pak Voices as a citizen journalist from Punjgur city. 

All photos by the author