Rains in Sindh and Balochistan have exceeded the 30-year average in July as Federal Minister of climate change Sherry Rehman tweeted the stats that Sindh received 625% and Balochistan received 501% above average rainfall.

The monsoon rain spell has wreaked havoc in the country with Sindh and Balochistan the most affected provinces under heavy monsoon pressure for last 13 days . The country has reported at least 147 deaths. The monsoon rains also damaged homes, roads, bridges, infrastructure and power stations across the country.

According to the graph, Balochistan records an average of 9.6mm of maximum rainfall from July 1 to 13. However, in the same period this year, the province received around 57.8mm of rainfall — 48.2mm more than usual.

The PMD has advised authorities concerned to take precautionary measures in wake of torrential rains in Sindh, Balochistan and South Punjab this week.