By Balach Qadir 

The government has declared the Gawadar port project as a game changer for the region but the question remains whether it’s really possible to achieve without changing the living conditions of Gawadarites? After the announcement of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) national media has not discussed enough the issues of Gawadar and its citizens.

Mega Project of Gawadar is progressing amid a lot of noise and fanfare but the other side of the picture reveals that there are very few opportunities for the young generation of the city.

Jaan Click Media Bahrain and Balm Films Production have chosen the theme of unemployment and poverty and growing frustration of people in Gwadar. These issues have not been discussed or given due attention in the national media. Zaraab, a feature film, has shown the ongoing development projects in Gawadar and whether they would have any positive impact on the life of a common man.

The trailer of Zaraab has been released just a day ago.  The film shows a family from Gwadar and their daily struggles to make both ends meet. Zaraab features a young kid who is working at a mechanical workshop. The story of the film tells us that the progress in Gawadar hasn’t made any positive impact on the life of a common man who is deprived of the basic education facilities including the benefits of the mega project.

The story of Zaraab is written by Jaan Shah, Nawaz Shah, Jaan AlBalushi, Zakir Dad and Jamil Karim whereas dialogues are composed by Jaan AlBalushi and others. Jaan AlBalushi, the film director, talked to PakVoices, saying, “The fame of Gawadar Mega Projects is one side of the picture but we have made efforts to present real challenges faced by the city and its residents.”

Famous Baloch actors such as Anwer Khan, Shah Nawaz Shah, Ehsan Danish, Aaqib Asif and others have featured in the short film. Anwer Khan told PakVoices, “I am proud to be a part of this film where the efforts have been made to present the real problems faced by locals at Gawadar.”

Zakir Dad, an assistant director, told PakVoices, “Modern technology has been used in a Balochi film for the first time and it will help make it presentable.” After the trailer, people are hopeful that the film will also be released soon. However, the filmmakers haven’t announced the release date so far.

Balaach Qadir is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Gawadar.

Pictures Credit: John Click Media Bahrain and Balm Films Production

Translated by Suleman Tahir