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The incident took place on Sunday morning when the oil tanker overturned due to over speeding, police said

The death toll from the oil tanker explosion in Ahmadpur Sharqia, Bahawalpur has climbed to 156, police told PakVoices.

The incident took place on Sunday morning when an oil tanker overturned after over speeding on the main road and exploded after the villagers from Ramzanpur Joya, near Bahawalpur had gathered to collect the leaking oil.

More than 90 people were injured in the incident and shifted to the different hospitals in Punjab.

Rescue teams and police reached the spot shortly after the incident and tried to extinguish the fire and disperse people who were gathering leaking oil.

Hospital and rescue sources described the condition of many injured as critical as they suffered extensive burns. Doctors feared that the death toll could rise further as most of the injured suffered 50 to 90 per cent burns.

According to the rescue officials, many of the dead bodies were burnt beyond recognition and thus will have to be identified through DNA testing.

Fire brigades are trying to extinguish the deadly fire that engulfed the entire area in no time.

Witnesses said the fire erupted shortly after the tanker had overturned and enveloped a large number of people including women and children who had gathered at the scene to collect the leaking fuel. It was not clear what caused the fire and the explosion of the tanker.

Several vehicles and motorbikes were burnt in the blaze.

Apparently, it could be because of the spark from the motorbike or vehicle that ignited the fuel.

Pakistan Army joined the rescue operation providing helicopters for transferring the injured to the hospitals.

According to the rescue officials, most were charred to death beyond recognition.

The Prime Minister, who is in London on a private tour, expressed grief over the loss of lives, according to the statement issued by the PM House.

The incident followed two other tragic terror-related incidents in Quetta and Parachinar this deadly week killing several people on the eve of Eid festival.