Attribution Policy

CC-BY-4.0All original material on the PakVoices website is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, unless specified otherwise. You are free to share, republish or adapt our original work under this license provided that you clearly attribute to PakVoices and the specific author (where available) as the original source and include a link to the specific article on the PakVoices website.

For example, if the entire article is being republished in its original form a line similar to the following should be included:

This article by Salman Latif originally appeared on PakVoices on December 5, 2014

If the article has been adapted or remixed something like the following should be included:

This story is based on a PakVoices article by Salman Latif that was originally published on December 5, 2014

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