By Zareef Baloch

Pasni is a small town and a tehsil of Gwadar district. 

One security personnel was killed and one was injured in an attack in Pasni, a tehsil of Gawadar in Balochistan province, levies sources confirmed.

According to PakVoices reporter, Zareef Baloch, the convoy of the security personnel came under attack by unknown assailants on Monday evening around 4:30 pm when levies personnel were in a convoy heading to provide security to a census team.

Almost three hours drive from Pasni town, Kalag Kalanch is a remote mountainous area where the attack took place.

The dead security personnel was identified as Nasir Ali whereas another levy Amjad survived the attack whose condition is said to be out of danger, according to hospital sources.

Like other parts of Pakistan, 2nd phase of census has kicked off from Monday under strict security arrangements.

Zareef Baloch has been working with PakVoices as citizen journalist

Translated by Muhammad Arsalan 

Edited by: Hasan Khan