As part of the PakVoices social media monitoring efforts, trending hashtags on Twitter are being monitored, using Artificial Intelligence assisted tools. The gathered data will help to derive inference about the trending topics on daily basis.

The hashtag #QuestioningIsNotHarrassment symbolizes that twitter users have all the right to question anchors, and that journalists should accept being questioned by their audience. It promotes the use of social media to understand the facts and to distinguish authentic news from fake news. It also aims to highlight that speculation, misleading facts and skepticism foster yellow journalism. However, many users are using this hashtag to target Asma Shirazi for her latest article. Many tweets also fall in the category of hate speech rather than freedom of expression.

Volume of Tweets

#QuestioningIsNotHarrasment is currently trending on Twitter. This hashtag started to trend on Thursdays, 21st October, 2021. It was mentioned 37519 times on Thursday. The total mention volume is 42K including 11K unique authors.

Content Sources

Other than trending on Twitter, it has also been quoted by few news sources shown below.

Sentiment Analysis

Out of the total 42k volume, 6% (2610) discussion on Twitter generated positive sentiments, 18% (7657) generated negative sentiments, whereas 76% (32026) of the entire discussion was recorded with neutral sentiments. The following chart depicts the sentiments reflected in the tweets using the hashtag.

Emotion Breakdown

When it comes to emotions of tweets with the hashtag; 34% (3544) tweets reflect ”joy”, 32% (3366) reflect ”disgust”, 30% (3180) tweets reflect sadness, while 3% (364) tweets reflect anger and 1% (107) reflect fear.

It is important to understand that ”AI Tools” filter the emotions by words and sentence structure.

Trending Topics

Following are the main topics of discussion, main keywords and phrases used and the people being referred to while quoting the hashtag #questioningisnotharrassment.

The topic wheel shown below shows that the entire discussion mainly revolved around journalists, asking questions, freedom and harassment.