By Varkha Pardeep

Seven children die of malnutrition this week in Tharparkar, bringing the past three months death toll to shocking 86

A mother is worried about her ailing child who is admitted at the Civil Hospital, Mithi. Photo by Nizam Samoon reported that seven more children succumbed to death in Tharparkar district due to water-borne diseases and malnutrition within this week. District health officer, Tharparkar confirmed that children’s death toll due to malnutrition has risen to 86 in the past three months.

Less than a year old Alima, Danish, Makhna and a newborn baby died in Civil Hospital Mithi while three children lost their lives in Nagarparkar in this week.

According to Varkha Pardeep, citizen journalist of PakVoices, parents lined up outside the civil hospital Mithi were seen desperate to save the lives of their ailing children. also reported that more than 50 children in Nagarparkar were suffering from water-borne diseases. Parents are also complaining about the lack of basic facilities at the civil hospital in Mithi. quoted the District Health Officer Dr. Akhlaque Ahmed who confirmed that 86 children had died in the past three months while 135 were referred to Hyderabad. In total, 26,709 children under five years age were brought to different health facilities in Tharparkar over three past months.

The official was not sure whether those referred to other hospitals survived or died.

Varkha Pardeep is working as a citizen journalist with PakVoices from Mithi, Tharparkar.