By Arif Noor and Badil Baloch 

Due to lack of rain and drought like conditions in Gwadar, livestock disappeared from the district.

Every year on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, goats, sheep, and cattle from Sindh, district Lasbela and villages of Makran are brought to the Galig animal market of Gwadar where they sell them.

Gwadar animal market provides a great facility to the animal trader: they don’t have to pay any kind of tax, fee or rent to the local administration. Any trader can occupy any place he wants to tie his animals and sell them.

Despite tax exemption facility, animals’ prices are touching the sky. In the Galig Animal Market of Gwadar, a goat is being sold between Rupees 20,000 and 60,000 Rupees.

The number of animals brought to Gwadar animal market this year is far less as compared to previous years. To know the reason of this shortage of animals, Pak Voices contacted Mohammad Raheem, an animal trader.

There are not many buyers in the market due to skyrocketing prices of animals.

He said, “A lot of animals have died due to an extended period of drought and famine in Gwadar and neighbouring villages, resulting in price hike of the animals.”

Mohammad Younis, a buyer in the market said, “Goats are far more expensive as compared to the last year and they are well beyond our pockets.”

He further added, “The animal traders have taken it for granted that every buyer in Gwadar market is a landlord or a business tycoon. Hence they have raised the prices.”

Mohammad Ali, an animal trader from Vindar area of Hub, Balochistan spoke to Pak Voices justifying the surge in prices, “I have brought these animals from Sindh, which cost me a lot in transportation. That is why their price is high.”

In Pasni, a sub-district of Gwadar, the scene of sacrificial animals’ prices is not very different. A seventy-year-old senior citizen of Pasni, Washdil Suban told Pak Voices that he had been buying animals for Eid for the last 30 years. But this year the prices of animals are so high that it has nearly become impossible for him to buy anything for sacrifice.

Arif Noor and Badil Baloch work as citizen journalists for Pak Voices from Gwadar.  

Translated by Tariq Mehmood