By Khatau Jani 

Thar and Parkar festival has entered into its last two days of celebration resuming on Friday in Umerkot which is part of four days festival that started from Tharparkar on 17th March and 18th March. The festival has been organized by the Culture and Tourism Department Sindh to promote the local culture and Thar desert life.

Like Tharparkar, the festival in Umerkot also featured musical show, folk dances and the rich art was on display.

Here are some of the glimpses of the first day of the festival in Umerkot on Friday which lasted until late night as revelers continued to enjoy festivity.

Known as Manganhar locally drum beaters attracted a large crowd with their skill. They have been doing this job since ages.


Some revelers were dancing to the beat of the drum while passing through the fort.


Malakhro is a kind of sports wrestling played in Sindh and parts of India.



Moveable sculpture of a woman showing her in her traditional attire with a pitcher as women are responsible for fetching water in the desert of Thar.


Umerkot fort stole the show with lighting and embellishment for the festival.


The stall showing the culture of Indus as Sindhi ajraks, pottery and other objects are on display.


Hand-made quilts of Thar were on sale in the festival showing embroidery.


Thari pots, models objects used in daily life are also showcased.


Sindhi cultural and folk tale ‘Momal Rano’ drama was staged by Bhitayi Arts Council, Sindh.


A relic tomb, which is part of Umerkot fort, presented a beautiful view when illuminated at night for the festival.


Khatau Jani is a local journalist based in Mithi, Tharparkar. 

All photographs by the author.