GHALANAI: Mobile phone service still not restored after passing 3 months in the tribal region causing worse effect on the tribesmen and business activities in the tribal region.

It will be mentioned here that the authorities on March, 15 has suspended all mobile phone services throughout the entire tribal agency without any notice and unknown reason at once.

The subscribers of different mobile phone companies suddenly found their services snapped. Authorities did not say any statements in this regard however an official of a cell tower said that they were directed to suspend all their phone services in the area.

PTCL services were also limited in the tribal region PTCL services working only in the agency headquarters Ghalanai and adjoining areas.
Mohmand political parties workers, social circles and tribesmen holds protest to record complaints but after passing three months no change has come to the situation.

They asked the concerned authority to explain the reason behind the continues suspension of Mobile phone service in the Mohmand tribal region from the last 90 days.

Ghulam Hussain Mohib a journalist told that in today’s modern age suspension of mobile networks basically is the violation of basic human rights.

He said that they were facing difficulties to contact their News desk, relatives and friends as well as in the tribal region and aboard.

“Services of all the phones company like Telenor, Mobilink, Warid and Ufone suspended while internet was also not working better” Hussain told.

He added that most of the area peoples climb to mountains to contact their loved ones living in outside a country which is a dangerous method.
Muhammad Farooq a student told that due to the suspension of net works work of 1 rupee done in 50 rupees while work done in to be10 seconds would be in 50 minutes.

Courtesy: TNN