By Qadir Baksh Sanjrani

On the report of PakVoices, B.H.U Kalag has been upgraded to R.H.C. This Rural Health Clinic will provide health care to a population of over 35,000 people registered in the locality. The uplifting of hospital will also create jobs for many people in the town. Prominent local activist Abdul Latif Lala told PakVoices that this uplifting of hospital will facilitate local citizens because the town is far away from city and people were forced to travel kilometers for normal checkup.

Member of local bodies Union council of Kalag told PakVoices that the action was taken on PakVoices report and this is welcoming step to upgrade B.H.U Kalag to R.H.C.

Deputy secretary health Yonus Baloch confirmed that B.H.U Kalag has been upgraded to R.H.C. officially and it will add health facilities in the town. We are determined to give more facilities to people in health sector.