Outraged by ‘pending bills’, media owners in Gilgit-Baltitstan have stopped printing newspapers since 19th of March. The only day between 19th March and now when some newspapers were printed was on 23rd March, the Pakistan Day.

The Gilgit-Baltistan Newspaper Society (GBNS) has vowed to continue the printing of papers suspended till their bills are cleared for payment.

A government official, requesting anonymity, said that most of the pending bills are from the previous government’s era, and that the adds had been issued, or printed, without following due procedures.

The Gilgit Press Club has urged the government and the newspaper owners to resolve the issue amicably to ensure that the people have access to information. A six-member committee of the press club has also been formed to mediate between the government and the newspaper owners.

Meanwhile, some media organisations have reportedly decided to lay off staff to lessen their financial burden.

Courtesy: Pamir Times