By Shahzad Ahmad

In the coastal area of Jiwani, in the largest province Balochistan, a young girl looks out over the beach of Daran and the locals who come here to enjoy.

During my recent visit to the beach, I made an attempt to capture the struggles and beauty of life in coastal communities and the beach that is a nesting home to the green turtles as well.

The beaches of Jiwani including Daran are part of Makran Coast providing a natural habitat for the several rare species including green turtles.

Near the beach, the village of Daran is the only settlement in the area.

Here are the moments depicting the picturesque, serene and an eye-catching beach and it’s lively community:


A girl with a traditional Balochi dress on Daran beach, near the town of Jiwani.


Daran beach is a nesting home for the rare species including green turtles.


This photo presents a spectacular view of the sandy Daran beach which has a great potential for tourism due to its serene location but it lacks basic development.


Girls sitting next to the old man have not seen a school since the nearest school is 15 KM from Daran.


Green turtles nest right here at the foot of the cliff on Daran beach. Green turtles have also been protected under Balochistan Wildlife Protection Act 1975.


A young boy with greenish eyes and brown hair from Daran represents the exuberance of the local children who are used to living and smiling despite facing the challenges of coastal life.


This striking image of a young girl and a boy tells the story of impoverishment and underdevelopment in their area.


In Daran like other Jiwani beaches, the local community depends on fishing for their livelihood.


Some boats of fishermen approaching the shore after all day of fishing in the sea as the sun is about to set.


Shahzad Ahmad is the country director of Bytes For All, Pakistan.