Pak Voices report wakes up Gwadar authorities to renovate park

By Jannat Hameed  Gwadar Development Authority is renovating the park in the port town after Pak Voices had highlighted the problems including the closure of...

Karim Bukhsh keeping the Balochi Surozi music alive

By Badil Baloch  The modern electronic music instruments continue to replace the traditional music instruments. But there are still some musicians who are keeping the...

Gwadar’s Padizar beach: A refuge in evenings

Gwadar has one of the most pristine beaches in the world. Padizar or East Bay side of the Gwadar town becomes an ideal refuge...

Video: Locust attacked again in Cholistan

Imran Kumar Cholistan has been badly affected with locust attack and farmers have been worried about their crops. They demanded immediate action to stop the...

Bahwalpur National Awami Party forges alliance with PTI

By Zain ul Abideen Bahawalpur National Awami party of Nawab family strikes an electoral alliance with  Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI).