Gomal Ji highlights the issue of minority journalists in South Punjab

Gomal Ji belongs to Hindu minority and has been working as journalist for last 5 years. He belongs to the rural district of Khanpur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4ni4kzED2U

Thar women record highest turnout

The women of Thar have set a great example by coming out in big numbers on the election day, beating any other constituency of...

Rain in Makran fills streams, dams with water

Makran division of Balochistan has been facing water shortage due to a long dry spell but recent rains have filled small streams as well...

Dhariminder Kumar tells about the cost of impartial journalism in Pakistan

Dharminder Kumar belongs to Hindu minority of Pakistan and he has been working with PakVoices for last 4 years and covered many social issues....