Muharram procession

Bahawalpur: Anticipating Muharram, Police Bans 50 Religious Speakers From Entering District

Bahawalpur: In order to maintain peace during the upcoming month of Muharram, Bahawalpur police has created a list of religious scholars who will be...
Mudbrick house Muzaffargarh

Muzaffargarh: Corruption In Cash Hand-Outs For Flood Affectees

Muzaffargarh: Punjab government has announced monetary relief for flood affectees in different parts of South Punjab, including Muzaffargarh. As per the directives of the...

WASA Employees Go On Strike Today Over Unpaid Salaries

Multan: Ghazi Union (CBA) at Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), Multan convened an urgent meeting recently in which it was lamented that WASA lacked...

Man Attempts Self-Immolation Over Financial Fraud

Bahawalpur: A man attempted self-immolation after being defrauded of his money in Ghalla Mandi, Bahawalpur. Arif was quickly rescued by the people around as...