Makran: Privatization In UAE Leaves Thousands Unemployed

Makran: A number of government-owned institutions in UAE are being privatized which has lead to the dismissal of thousands of employees from Makran. These...
Muharram procession

Bahawalpur: Anticipating Muharram, Police Bans 50 Religious Speakers From Entering District

Bahawalpur: In order to maintain peace during the upcoming month of Muharram, Bahawalpur police has created a list of religious scholars who will be...
Mudbrick house Muzaffargarh

Muzaffargarh: Corruption In Cash Hand-Outs For Flood Affectees

Muzaffargarh: Punjab government has announced monetary relief for flood affectees in different parts of South Punjab, including Muzaffargarh. As per the directives of the...

Powerful Land Mafia Involved In Gwadar Land-Grabs

Gwadar: Given the economic promise that Gwadar holds, it has become the epicenter of corrupt practices by powerful lobbies. In a revealing statement on...

WASA Employees Go On Strike Today Over Unpaid Salaries

Multan: Ghazi Union (CBA) at Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), Multan convened an urgent meeting recently in which it was lamented that WASA lacked...