Pasni youth plants coconut trees at Juddi beach

By Badil Baloch  Some young men from Pasni district have taken the initiative to plant coconut trees to beautify the Juddi beach area.

Desalination plant to ease water crisis in Gwadar

By Shareef Ibrahim Gwadar residents finally took a sigh of relief as China Overseas Port Holding Company installed and inaugurated the desalination plant in the...

Gwadar: Tourists flock to newly opened Padizar Park

By Jannat Hameed  Gwadar has a new park which has become a popular picnic spot due to its location on the beach.

Variety of fishes help booming the fish production in Gwadar

By Sharif Ibrahim    

پنجگور کی تحصیل پروم میں لوگ آج بھی لالٹین جلا کر رات گزارتے ہیں

   قادر بخش سنجرانی پنجگور کا سرحدی تحصیل پروم اپنی آب وہوا اور زرخیزیت کے ساتھ ایک منفرد علاقہ ہے یہاں زراعت کے وسیع مواقع ہیں اور کجھوروں...