Why Girls Drop out of School in Thar

By Sagar Sharma  Even today many girls in the remote villages of Tharparkar are out of school. Those who are enrolled at the primary school...

A lady tailor has message on women’s day

Region: Bahawalpur, South Punjab Profession: Tailor This strong lady has a message that remote regions women should not shy away from working shoulder to shoulder with men.

Message from Shahida on women’s day

Region: Makran coast Profession: Social worker Shahida has been working in the social sector for 7 years. She has been telling how supportive her family...

Riffat Zaki has a message on women’s day

Region: South Punjab, Bahawalpur Profession: Social worker  Rifat Zaki has been fighting for the rights of marginalized women. She has a message of never giving up...

Sabira Muhammad Ali has a message on Women’s day

Region:Makran Coast Profession: Teacher   Sabira Muhammad Ali is a teacher from Gwadar. She faced many obstacle while pursuing her profession but she never gave up...