Livestock farmers forced to migrate amid lockdown and financial constraints

Due to no sale of milk, farmers faced financial constraints to buy fodder and run their household expenses

The vaccine reluctance in the Hindu community of Daharki

Ramesh Kumar Hindu community in Daharki showed reluctance for vaccination but now they are getting the doses after new variant surfaced globally

تربت میں ادویات کی شدید قلت، بیماروں کو مشکلات کا سامنا

‎یلان بلوچ زامرانی‎ بلوچستان کے دوسرے بڑے ضلع کیچ تربت شہر کے کئی اسٹوروں میں مختلف ادویات اور بچوں کے دودھ کی شدید قلت ہوگئی...

Shamun’s story of survival during COVID-19 Pandemic

Faiz Ahmed Khan Low wage, no accommodation facility, long working hour, Shamun tells his story of survival during COVID-19 pandemic

“Camel Riders” can push COVID-19 vaccination drive in Tharparkar

Kanwal Sindhi Despite all the odds in desert areas of Tharparkar, local health workers are vaccinating children against Rubella and measles