Surjeet Singh sold his car and house to re-establish business after COVID-19

Sikh community in Peshawar demands policy for small business which were affected due to COVID-19 lockdown

Vaccine confidence increasing in Christian community of Islamabad

With the passage of time, Christian community in Islamabad has been anticipating for vaccination against COVID-19

Nomad community of Tharparkar misses out vaccination due to no CNIC

Nomad community in desert area of Tharparkar and Cholistan missing out vaccination due to non issue of CNIC

Livestock farmers forced to migrate amid lockdown and financial constraints

Due to no sale of milk, farmers faced financial constraints to buy fodder and run their household expenses

Red Crescent training replicated by Hindu youth to prevent COVID-19

To mitigate the ongoing fear of COVID-19, Hindu youth conducted training that how to prevent from Coronavirus and importance of vaccination