Gwadar’s residents demand better education facilities

By Jannat Hameed People of Gwadar are demanding better education facilities for their next generations so they can benefit from the mega projects in the...

Gwadar’s women: “We will vote the party that solves water crisis”

By Aneeta Jalil  As Gwadaris are also going to polls tomorrow, they are demanding from the next elected representatives to pay heed to the issue of...

Pasni youth plants coconut trees at Juddi beach

By Badil Baloch  Some young men from Pasni district have taken the initiative to plant coconut trees to beautify the Juddi beach area.

Kepasi: The serene beach of Makran

By Balaach Qadir  Kepasi Beach of Gwadar port town is known for its scenic view and pristine beaches. Yet many visiting people are not aware of...

Pasni: The 9th grade student volunteers to teach underprivileged kids

By Hani Ramzan  In Makran region, many children are not privileged enough to be born and bred in an environment where attaining an education is...