By Hani Ramzan

A fishing town of Pasni along the Arabian Sea in Balochistan province is famous for its commercial activity, but lately, visitors have been flocking the beach for a different reason: the artwork.

The impressive 3D drawings in the sand are the creation of Zubair Mukhtar, Husain Zaib, and Bahar Ali Gohar who are local artists from the small town of Pasni.

The trio draws interesting designs using the stick and some other basic tools.

Zubair Mukhtar is also a drawing teacher while Hussain Zaib and Bahar Ali Gohar create colourful paintings.

The three friends are the only artists from Pasni who are uniquely presenting their talent at the beach.

Their art has enlivened the beach and is not only entertaining the visitors but also inspiring them to realize their goals within the limited opportunities the town offers.

The people of Pasni have a natural talent for arts but they haven’t been able to explore their capabilities owing to lack of resources.

The trio while talking to Pak Voices said that they haven’t learnt the skill of 3D drawing from anyone but have been motivated to explore further drawing techniques and have been practicing to acquire the skill.

They prefer to draw on the beach since it provides them with endless space to explore their talent.

They said that they normally take less than three hours on a single drawing but it generally depends on the complexity of the design being drawn.

They, nevertheless realize that the drawings are temporary and will be washed away with the tide.

Irfan Aslam, an established artist from Pasni while talking about 3-dimensional artwork said that it enhanced the beauty of art piece by making them more real.

“Pasni artists will outshine if they are provided with the right opportunities by the government,” said Irfan Aslam.

Hani Ramzan is working with Pak Voices as a citizen journalist from Pasni, Gwadar. 

All photos by the author