SWABI: A transgender person was shot dead by unidentified armed men in Swabi on Sunday night.

Kalu Khan Police Station officials said transgender person Amanullah alias Sheena, who was an Afghan national, was sleeping in his room in Shewa area in the night when unidentified armed men opened fire on him, leaving him dead on the spot. Police said a case of the incident has been filed and investigation has commenced.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa TransAction Alliance, an organisation working for the rights of transgender persons, says it was 56th murder of a transgender person in KP since 2015. Farzana Jan, president of the Alliance, says such attacks are on the rise as culprits involved in the previous attacks remain unpunished.

The last such incident happened in Peshawar on 28 March in which a transgender person Danyal alias Chutki was killed while traveling in an auto-rickshaw on Ring Road in Peshawar. Three days after that incident, on 31 March, another transgender person, Farooq alias Chitrali, was stabbed in Peshawar when while resisting a kidnapping attempt.

Courtesy: TNN